Vital Animal Neutering in Dartford, Kent

Reduce pet overpopulation with the help of animal neutering from Mead Veterinary Centre in Dartford, Kent. This is an important decision about your pet’s health and we can help you through the process.


Male and female cats are able to be neutered from four and a half months. They will require a general anaesthetic and will have to stay with us for the day. Both cats and dogs are admitted during morning surgery, have their procedure, and are then usually able to be discharged from 4:00 p.m. There will be no sutures in the skin, and your pet will need to be kept in for two to three days after the surgery.


Male dogs can be castrated from six months of age and occasionally earlier if they are very amorous and females may be spayed before the first season or between seasons. There will be no stitches in the skin for males or females, which usually means that they will not need a buster collar. You must make sure that you keep them quiet and restrict their exercise for a few days after surgery.


If you own a female rabbit, having them spayed is very important. By five years of age, up to 80% of rabbits may have cancer of the uterus and neutering will also prevent urine spraying and amorous behaviour in male rabbits. They stay with us for the day and do not need to be starved, unlike cats and dogs rabbits do not vomit. Additionally, there will be no sutures in the skin as rabbits are extremely good at chewing.

Contact us, in Dartford, Kent, to arrange essential animal neutering to prioritise your pet’s health and wellbeing.

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