Essential Animal Vaccinations in Dartford, Kent

Make sure that your pet is safe from any harmful diseases with our animal vaccinations in Dartford, Kent. Annual health checks and vaccinations are highly-recommended to make sure that your animal is free from illness.

Cat Vaccinations

Your kitten will need vaccinations from nine weeks with the second injection given at 12 weeks. Routine vaccinations fight against feline upper respiratory tract disease (cat flu) and feline enteritis. If your cat will be going outside, it is important that they are protected against feline leukaemia.

Puppy Vaccinations

Puppy vaccinations start from eight weeks with the second injection from 10 weeks. You can take them into public places from one week after the second injection, and we do recommend annual health checks and vaccinations overall to ensure your pet’s safety.


Vaccinations are the only way to protect your bunny from harmful diseases such as myxomatosis, which we see every year. Vaccinations for viral haemorrhagic disease are also recommended, and protection for both diseases is available in a combined vaccine which we suggest is carried out annually.

Contact us, in Dartford, Kent, for animal vaccinations to keep your pet’s health a priority.

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