Pet Passports in Dartford, Kent

When you want to take your companion abroad, look no further than our pet passports in Dartford, Kent. We guide you through all of the steps that you need to take.

Pet Passports

Recent changes to travel procedures have simplified getting a passport for your pet. The first step is that your pet has to be microchipped, and then the chip is checked before your animal can be vaccinated against rabies. The passport can then be issued but your pet may not be able to travel for three weeks. Once this time has passed, you and your pet may travel to countries under the pet passport scheme.

Preventative Treatment

Many European countries have different parasites to the UK, so before travelling, we would recommend appropriate preventative treatment. Before returning to the UK, dogs must be treated for tapeworm by a vet one to five days before you arrive, however cats do not require this treatment.

Contact us, in Dartford, Kent, for our pet passports to ensure that travelling with your companion is hassle-free.

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