Helpful Worming Treatments in Dartford, Kent

Keep your pet happy and healthy with regular use of our worming treatments in Dartford, Kent. We offer many effective solutions to protect your furry friend from harm.


We do recommend that kittens and puppies are treated every two to four weeks for roundworm. Adult cats and dogs should be treated every three to six months for round and tapeworm, and tablets such as Milbemax™ are very effective.

For cats, you can use a spot-on solution such as Profender™ to keep any infections at bay.


An emerging parasite called Angiostrongylus is very dangerous when found in dogs, and it is important to protect yours from harm. It is a lungworm that is contracted by eating slugs and snails or licking where one has been in the past three days. Young dogs are most susceptible but lungworm can be contracted at any age, and it can result in problems with the lungs, bleeding disorders, and even death. This can easily be prevented with Advocate™ flea, mite, and worm spot-on.

Contact us, in Dartford, Kent, for our worming treatments to protect your pet from fatal diseases.

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